Get Started With Salesforce Industries With OmniStudio Dev Org

Salesforce Industries will play a very crucial role in the growth of Salesforce ecosystem in the coming near future so it is very important to get your hands-on with the functionalities that it provides as soon as you can.

Till now, you could get access to a Vlocity org if you went via a Salesforce partner. Vlocity has its own Trailhead-like university which you could use to learn the tools. However it looks like over the last couple of months they have been migrating a lot of that knowledge on to Trailhead.

The only remaining piece was the process of signing up for a dev org itself and it looks like this too has been made available on Trailhead now.

So if you want to learn Salesforce Industry features such as OmniStudio, you can head over to this link and sign-up for an OmniStudio Dev Org.

Once you have it, I would then encourage you to visit this trail and get started with your Industries journey.

Why should you learn it

  1. As a developer you might need to use these tools in the future to build out solutions.
  2. As an consultant you should know what is possible and the approximate time it would take to get anything done.
  3. As an architect you should know what all these tools can do and what their limitations are and when to fall back to custom development.

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