Bye Bye Workflows

Automation tools Process Builder and Workflow will be deprecated, Salesforce anounce yesterday at Dreamforce 2021.

OMG! what should I do?

As always, the answer here depends…

As an developer: Learn to make flows to and become good at it. Unofficialsf is a good place to start.

As an architect: Deciding which automation to use becomes simpler with workflow out of the way. I mean process builder has not been a recommendation for a while now. Now it comes down to Flows vs Apex.

As a consultant / business analyst: Really get into it so you have clarity on whatcan be done with Flow-based configuration. read through the release notes related to flow updates and ensure youre up to date.

As a project manager: Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about the dev time needed to migrate workflows and process builders to flow as yet. You can still continue to use them, but tell your team to not create anymore workflows or process builders.

As a business user: Nothing changes for you and nothing should.

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