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Where is the RSS feed revival?

The first fediverse was built on RSS feeds

The state of things at Twitter and the rise of federated networks makes me wonder why no one is pushing for RSS feeds any more.

It seems the powers that be realised there is no easy way to monitise it. And it is true. There is no way to incentivise content creators with guaranteed revenues and there aren’t enough enough people willing to pay for consuming it. RSS feeds still work for podcasts to an extent but that is because there is lower competition to deal with and the monetisation is all through ads that are read out.

Even with these arguements I’m not able to understand why an existing nearly omni-present standard is shunted the way it is. As one of the OG web 2.0 basics it should not be so hidden. One of the original reasons it was sidelined by Google in Chrome was to promote their +1 button and Google+. Now that these things are things of the past, perhaps it is time to bring them back.

Thoughts on the internet really needs to be taken out of the tyranny of billionaires on an ego trip.

PS: Yes Atom is better, but RSS is more known.

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