There are some habits that stay with us as we grow up and then there are some that we pick up along the way.

The incessant curiosity to eat snacks in between meals and in between two snacks is one that has not gone away. Then there are some that come and go depending on the circumstances; for example walking. I love walking and ever since moving to Sydney I have been doing it more and more. In a way that is the only reason I don’t resemble a potato as yet.

Then there are a few that we pick up every year, sometimes as a new years resolution or as a result of a new experience.

The latest in the list of habits is watching YouTube videos non-stop and I can’t seem to stop. Now this definitely does not fall under the good habits list and I need to do something about it before it turns into an addition.

Doom scrolling was easy to kick as a habit, but this video binge I have got into is getting a bit too much. A couple of days back I watched like 10 board game reviews back to back. I had no intention to play to buy them, but I still did.

I guess I’ll just go cold turkey and not watch YouTube for a few days and see how much it helps.

PS: These guys are so good with boardgame reviews.

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