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Grand Theft Auto – 2

For this post to make any sense pls read this post first…

NOTE: These type of auto drivers make an appearance when you are short of cash.. not necessarily when broke.. and never turn up again…

Me: Boss, Jayanagar jaoge
Auto: ok sit
Me: (skeptical.. looking at the meter)
Auto: TING! (digital meter.. wow.. and he’s turned it on)
(Reached destination.. twenty min pass.. we lost ten min at traffic junctions)
Me: (shit I have only Rs 30 change and Rs 100 note… and meter reads 35.. oh god… now I will have to argue)
Anna, here (I offer Rs 100 note)
Auto: Change ilva?
Me: Only 30
Auto: ok give
Me: (I give 30.. he gives back Rs 100)
sorry anna
Auto: (Nods understandingly, smiles and leaves before I can invite him for a tea/coffee for being a nice chap…)

Conclusion: Good things come in small packages proportions

The chatter box
NOTE: These guys appear too friendly and gets to your nerves.. and also that the below conversation took place in hindi

Me: Boss, Jayanagar jaoge
Auto: yes yes why not… sit sit
Me: okay (bckgrnd: ting. meters on.. good)
Auto: So where are you from?
Me: Kerala
Auto: Oh I have been there beautiful place my cousin drives auto in kochi
Me: Oh (all auto drivers in kochi come under the category of Jack the rippers)
Auto: The traffic, its so irritating these days it takes ten minutes to travel 100 meters (we were at MG road u see.. he goes on…) do you know what happened to me yesterday?
Me: (a moments silence… ah that felt good) what? (why did I utter a word.. stupid me!)
Auto: I was driving through outer ring road……… (the conversation or should I say the monologue went on for the next forty min till I reached home)
Me: Anna, here is the money
Anna: Change ilva? (Don’t have change?)
Me: Illa (don’t have)
Anna: okay.. (he gave me back change with three rupee short.. if I ask him about the three rupee he would go on for another ten min about shortage of coins so I took the offering and cleared the spot)

Conclusion: And I though being exposed to radiation was the worst thing possible

The Pervert
NOTE: I never encountered these beasts.. a few of my girl friends encountered them though

She: Anna, MG Road
Auto: (Gives that creepy look which makes one melt) YES!
She: (gets in… quite conscious)
Auto: TING! (Meter on…. great! Now the rear view mirror changes it’s purpose. It becomes passenger view mirror)
(She looks into the mirror only to meet those sharp eyes trying to see through her.. she finds protection behind her backpack which now she keeps on her lap)
(Twenty min pass and the destination approaches) Even after wearing a Kurta.. she thinks

She: Here is the money
Auto: Thanks he collects the money in a giffy making it a point to touch her palms..
She: Leaves the change money and moves away from the auto

Conclusion: Sometimes being a woman is a curse!

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“GOD ON EARTH ” ?? autodrivers???

Either his meter would have been faulty or he would have charged 50 bucks extra from the previous soul (that mite explain why he doesnt care about 5 bucks)

(I think I should try to see something ‘good’ in autodrivers)


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