Grand Theft Auto – 3

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‘Auto meri jaan’

I love these kind of auto drivers.. for them their auto is their life, not just because it’s their source of income.. But they simply just

love their autos. They take care of it like they do their children.. Here is one such incident.. but mind you, in this case I was ‘little

irritated’ why? read on…

NOTE: Background of the story is as follows… A friend of mine had come to town so we decide to rent out a house.. which we finally

did… And now all I needed to do was move all my stuff from my paying guest accommodation to my new house.. I pack everything

and call the auto ..

Me: Anna, Jayanagar Jaoge?
Auto: ok
Me: One minute.. need to get some stuff
Auto: Blank expression (I read it then as.. hurry up.. thinking back.. I think he meant.. are u kiddin me?)

(I come down with my ‘luggage’ which basically comprises of a HUGE backpack and a suitcase along with my computer boxes –

monitor, CPU, speakers, UPS etc.. – all of them dusty mind you)

Now I start loading them one by one

Auto: Nahi nahi don’t keep that bag on the seat
Me: Ok.. I start keeping it behind the seat
Auto: Nahi nahi don’t keep there then where will you keep those dirty boxes
Me: I don’t know! You tell me
Auto: Keep the boxes on the floor
Me: Boss.. Are you joking? Its a computer monitor.. It won’t fit..
Auto: Whatever fits on the floor fits in the auto.. If anything’s left keep it on your lap!

Me: Eh.. ok! (It’s not like I had choice you see)
(I HAD TO do it the way he wanted for the sake of shifting…. and I did.. we reached home.. now getting myself and the stuff from

the auto)

Me: Anna.. can you help me to get the stuff out.. because without that I can’t get out
Auto: Give me look that simply said (yeuw.. me help you with that? No chance!)
Me: But I can’t get out..
Auto: call your friend
Me: He is in office!
Auto: Call your neighbour then!
Me: WHAT! For god’s sake pleeeeeeease!
Auto: ah ok then (he takes the comp monitor from my lap and almost throws it on the floor)
Me: Thanks… here is the money..
Auto: (Snatches the money out of my hand and rushes away as soon as I took my stuff out of the auto)

The ‘otherway’ driver

I hate encounters with such a brand of auto drivers….
NOTE: This incident happened at 3 in the evening not late at night!

Me: Auto….. (whizzes past)
Me: Auto… (another one passes by)
Me: AUTO!!!!
(finally one stops)
Me: Jayanagar
Auto: Gives that ‘meditating’ look
nahi going to MG road
Me: (in mind – eh I thought it was an auto didn’t realise you run in particular routes alone)

Watch out for the grand finale (hopefully) of the GTA series ….. to be continued

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haha. I have 2 stories to share

1. I called an auto to take ma wife and myself to the Railway station. I bargained and fixed the rate to 125 ( for 15 kms)
Upon seeing ma extra large suitcase he began ” luggage one and a half, extra, more, more, more”

I said “bhaiiyya this auto is for how many ppl?” he said “three”
“So we have me, her and yeh luggage ek admi sumcho (consider this luggage as a person), so no extra… ”
he agreed !
2. On our way back all the autodrivers were bargaining for 150rs (from madiwala to hsr layout 4 kms). I tried ma “consider this luggage as the third person” but dint work !! πŸ™
So i had to increase my offer to 60 Rs, still noone was agreeing.
Autowalla1 : “sir ur office will begin now”
me ” No its only at 1PM”
Autowalla2 : “Sir the rate is for luggage 70Rs”
Me ” NOOO”
Autowalla picking up my suitcase ” see I am carrying your luggage sirrr”
me ” Oh okay then”
me to wife ” atleast he helped me witht he luggage, so lets give him 70″
upon reachingthe destination. he dint bother to get out of the driver seat. and I pulled..pushed….tried to lift it out of the auto..finally managed to get it out ( his seat got torn, he dint notice, well so be it…)
wife to me ” so wats the extra 10 for??”
me “sigh to get him out of ma sight”

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