Who deserves bashing?


This post is inspired by a post made at Bangalore blues and the discussion that followed.

IT bashing has become quite the ‘in thing’ in the past month. First there was the Outlook article followed by an outburst of suppressed emotions of a lot of Bangaloreans. But is IT the culprit here? There are many who will nod their heads and say YES.. but I beg to differ…

Its true that the coming of IT/MNCs has resulted in an inflation, an inflation in costs but not income…. cost of living has been increasing while the pay packages remained the same in almost all industries except those related to IT!

So who deserves the bashing? IT industry who pushed the country forward, injecting more money into the economy or ‘other sectors’ who held back instead of pushing themselves ahead along with the IT sector, thus offering no infaltion in income for it’s employees?

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Balu, good food for thought here…

If you look at the “workspace” in general opportunities abound in all sectors, IT, Media etc. Back in the old days you strove to be either a Doctor or an Engineer. No need to do that these days (though they are still the preferred streams).

The PSUs were the main culprits in holding things back in the other sectors. Not to forget the govt policies which did nothing to foster the manufacturing and other sectors…

PSU still hold the trump cards don’t they? I don’t see a way that can change….

I wasn’t tryig to say that inflation is bad.. I was trying to say that other sectors have ot responded to the inflation, hence they are left behind!

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