My new year resolutions!

Resolutions I made this year

1> get a driving license (because I am fed up of being pulled up by cops for driving without license… kidding! because I don’t have a passport or voter’s id card so need some photo identification.. i guess I should get the other two made as well)

2> Read blogs, write blogs, comment on blogs (hmmm that’s not tough thanks to RSS)

3> Watch more mal movies ( I cant remember the last time I saw one! sigh!)

4> Buy a cycle and cycle daily to office! 🙂

5> Improve my kannada skills ( as of now its restricted to gothilla and avathu.. i can understand kannada.. its just a matter of speaking it!)

6> Follow all these resolutions

Resolutions I did not even dream of making

1> Become ‘serious’ in life (whatever that means)

2> Become an ardent admirer of Paris Hilton

3> Buy myself to a Ferrari.. (ya right in Bangalore of all places..)

4> Spend less money on gaming! (video games that is)

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@ Balu: and in the process, breathe in more SOx, NOx and CO2 and CO than you might do in a lifetime. 🙂

On a serious note, I see your point but Bangalore now looks like it left and something very evil replaced it. I used to live there in the mid-1990s and now I dread visiting the city. Every trip outside home, unless a generous friend lends her car and driver, is an adventure in competing with Sooty. The traffic is awful and although a bicycle will lend you relatively greater speed, it will also fill your nose with avoidable gunk.. The process of ‘development’ is not unlike sausage-making. Ugly although the end product may be quite desirable..

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