I have a driving license finally

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How does a 35-year-old not have a driving license in this day and age? Believe it or not, I didn’t have one till now. What’s worse is that it was my new year resolution in 2008 to get one and I managed to get around to it only in 2022. Can I nominate myself for the procrastinator of the century award yet?

I knew how to ride a bike since I was 15 years old, but I could never apply for a license since I never stayed in a city for three years. Or in another scenario, I did not have an address proof for all three years I spent in the city. What a mess.

The good part is I made the application for my driver’s license last year and applied via a driving school in Mumbai. The learner’s test process was so simple and smooth that I wondered why I had never done it earlier; address proof issues aside.

The same could be said about the driving test as well. And here we are, two weeks later and I have the digital version of the license available with the smart card version on its way!

PS: I am now going through old resolutions and trying to pick up items that are yet to be done that could still benefit me.

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  1. Sathya Avatar

    Congrats. Mine just expired this year and I need to renew it 😛

    1. balu Avatar

      Oh, can you get a EU one now that you’re there?

      1. Sathya Avatar

        I have to get one, but it’s a long process. I need to get two medical checks ( one physical, one physiological). After this, I need to get a criminal record from the local police station.

        After this, I need to enroll at a driving school and need to get 24 hours oh theory and 30 hours practical lessons.. and its expensive af and have to go via accredited driving school. So yeah haven’t gotten to it 🙂

        1. chupchap Avatar

          That sounds exhausting! It’ll be easier to renew and get an international permit when you’re in india next.

          1. Sathya Avatar

            Well, yes, and no. The IDP is just a translation of your Indian DL in many languages, but many places don’t recognize it.

            In addition, if you’ve become a resident of a country, it will most likely not be accepted, and they will have regulations to have a native driving license.

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