BAJAJ — Rickshaw to TATA Nano

Why should one buy Tata Nano?

Well for one its as cheap as an auto (almost)

An autorickshaw costs Rs 90,000+taxes while a basic model of Nano costs Rs 1 Lakh+taxes

1> It can accommodate 4 people

2> It looks better than an auto.. and goos enough for a car!

3> Its a car.. means u can ride in the rain! ( You wont get drenched like in an auto)

4> Great mileage – 23kmph! (wow!)

5> Eco-friendly (meets bharat 3 and will meet euro-4 standards)

5> Last but not the least — killer price for a car!

Is it just a modified version of an auto?

Here are a few reasons why I believe so!

1> Its has only one viper in the front

2> Base size (platform) is slightly bigger than an auto thats all

3> Wheels look as small as an auto (am not sure if it is :-p )

For Bangaloreans

I have a killer reason why Bangaloreans should buy Auto.. Autowallahs are going on strike on Jan 11! They want the rates to be hiked to Rs 10/metre!

Kewl Idea

Hey taxi guys .. how about running Nano as a Taxi at rates cheaper than taxi slighly more than autos? What say? May be that will cut the autos to size

For those interested here are the specifications of the car

PS: By the way Ram got inspired by GTA series of posts and decided to write smthing about autokkarans in Chennai.. take a look!

GTA – Temple city

29 responses to “BAJAJ — Rickshaw to TATA Nano”

  1. ram Avatar

    NANO ROCKS!…yeh man, it is cheap, and still a car. it does not look cheap!

  2. Xylene Avatar

    or may be just treat the nano as something in b.w an auto and the taxi. Charges shud also be in b.w.

    So ppl who are asking for more than an auto can take the nano instead !

    Strike on jan 11 is needed after all they are asking a decrease in the rates ( according to freq travellers) 10/km is cheap.

  3. | Balu | Avatar

    ^ taju.. hey thats new! wow

    decrease in ratesfor regulars LOL.. remember the ‘regular’ rates will also go up! These guys are pretty smart!

  4. Xylene Avatar

    I know we are DOOMED !

  5. Indian Avatar

    Are you sure? But Nano is the car of the moment!…

  6. | Balu | Avatar

    sure abt wat? I love the car.. if thats wat u wanted to know!

  7. Indian Avatar

    Looks like Balu is in a joyful mood. Well it would be better if we get Nanos as taxis, I would not mind paying some extra bucks for a comfortable ride in the *PEOPLE’S CAR*

  8. Xylene Avatar

    “I know we are DOOMED!” I was refering to the auto fare hike !

    I love the Nano ! 😀

  9. Rajat Pandey Avatar
    Rajat Pandey

    The car no doubt is a jem in Tata’s crown…. it is amazing that Tata now will make both world’s cheapest and costliet car…. the car is in the segment between bikes and maruti…. hope it does well in long run…. Nano still needs to pass several tests…..

  10. | Balu | Avatar

    @ Rajat
    Still pass several tests I thought it was done with testing! and ya hope the takeover Jaguar too! I would like to hear TATA roar!

  11. Rajat Pandey Avatar
    Rajat Pandey

    ya they have passed initial tests but all cars have to pass practical feasibility tests before they can be driven …. I am sure they will take over Jaguar by mid of this year… lets keep the fingers crossed 🙂

  12. | Balu | Avatar

    ya and hope TATA works like TATA and engages Jaguar into a deal !

  13. Brad Beaman Avatar

    The roads are pretty crowded already in India. If anyone can go anywhere then I am afraid nobody will go nowhere. But Power to the poeple’s car.

  14. | Balu | Avatar

    Ya it will be a struggle to get all those cars moving in the narrow and crowded streets here.. lets wait and see may be the city administrators will make wider roads cos of this! (high hopes!)

  15. krsnakhandelwal Avatar

    If only House of Bajaj had been also in the same frame of mind that is to help poor Indian families a good body would have been put on the three wheeler chasis with round steering wheel.

  16. | Balu | Avatar

    I guess they (Bajaj) are already working on it..

    chck out this link that Xylene left me!

  17. AlAmeen Avatar

    kudos to TATA…

  18. mbjesq Avatar

    The “people’s car” is a wonderful example of India’s mid-20st Century mindset and its squandered chance at 21st Century development. My short essay on this can be read at


  19. Ruhi Avatar

    Very interesting analysis! First post that compares NANO with an autorickshaw. LOL.

  20. | Balu | Avatar

    Thanks Ruhi! 🙂
    But pls dont think I am trying to demean the innovation.. am very much in awe

  21. Ruhi Avatar

    Yes, that’s very evident from your comments section. 🙂 Anyway, nice blog. I need to come back again.

  22. | Balu | Avatar

    thanks again.. see u arnd in that case 😛

  23. dinsan Avatar

    lol…….. that was awesome !!

  24. ish Avatar

    Hey, agreed the TATA Nano and the autorickshaw tires are the same size but the Nano’s got 4 wheels instead of the autorickshaw’s 3. Which in turn means there are slightly less chances of it toppling and turning. So that’s one more reason to buy the Nano instead of a rickshaw then.

    Don’t think it will work as taxi’s though because that kind of a car needs to be a little more powerful than the Nano. That’s why even 800 never worked as a Taxi. A car like Indica is reasonably good in that segment. Plus the Nano barely manages to touch 90 and you’d want a car that goes over 100 if you’re taking it to Delhi etc because you get the chance to race it away on a highway.

  25. | Balu | Avatar

    yes it wont topple for sure 😀
    but talking abt the taxi, I am not considering it as a substitute for india which has a better pick up and a diesel engine.. but more as a city taxi for use within city limits

  26. Daniel Avatar

    tata should release a diesel-fueled version of the nano using the ace engine… could be an excellent option because of the lower operation cost…

  27. | Balu | Avatar

    Thanks for dropping by Daniel.. diesel car is a must I say.. and they have the infrastructure to develop a diesel engine but I am rooting for an elec engine!

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