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The squad is out ehmm in!

A bunch of Bangalore kids has been a cause of migraine for babus at Bangalore. These kids wrote on Bangalore and its crumbling infrastructure, on disregard towards their health among youth, and also on many other lighter issues that mattered to these college students.
The bunch, nicknamed Mirror Squad started writing for Bangalore Mirror not long back, but they have already created a space in the minds of readers of Bangalore Mirror. So don’t they deserve some space online?? Well yes they do and they have got it.. Mirror Squad has started writing (eh or should I say blogging?) at

An extract from their about section

For those who haven’t learnt how to read images, er, the Mirror Squad is an initiative by Bangalore Mirror. It consists of us – 10 college students, who will write about issues that matter to us, and why they matter to us, as young members of today’s society and as tomorrow’s adults. No, we won’t be that serious all the time. In fact, our aim is to make our presence felt all over the paper from front page to films and everything in between, and have loads of fun while doing it.

PS. We’ll try not to tamper with the listings page.



Sounds interesting… Now if you think I am plugging Mirror Squad just cause they are part of BM you are wrong.. I genuinely like their writing..

And this is NOT my way of saying ‘thank you’ to Bangalore Mirror for letting me blog from office!

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