Have you sinned today?

Have you sinned today?

Chances are you have, atleast according to the new set of ‘sins‘ Vatican has come out with. So what are the new sins?

Ehm here goes:

  • Pollution
  • Gene tampering (stem-cell research)
  • Drug-pedalling

Its nice to see that pollution and drug-pedalling are now considered to be sins. But stem-cell research? I don’t agree. I will write more on this later but now let me go confess for I have sinned! I used an automobile today.. eeks.. I polluted! Oh god have mercy (ehm on earth and on ice at it’s poles)

Meanwhile remember the ‘old’ 7-deadly sins? Know the punishments for them? I saw this at timesonline

Pride — Broken on the wheel
Envy — Put in freezing water
Gluttony — Forced to eat rats, toads, and snakes
Lust — Smothered in fire and brimstone
Anger — Dismembered alive
Greed — Put in cauldrons of boiling oil
Sloth — Thrown in snake pits

Interesting heh!

And if you are a ‘sinner’ you might be interested to know what hell is like (look and feel). Silverine thinks it might be like this!Β  πŸ˜›

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I really wanted to know others’ comments about this new move… I saw the news on Yahoo! and was thinking to post or not to lol.. thanks for putting it on .. will check back to see more comments

I don think the Punishment for gluttony is punishement for the Chienese….. They already eat anything and everything possible under the sun

@ Vijay
Oh ya was travelling around Kerala and before that got caught up with a lot of work!

@ Dinsan
You already know my views!

Pandeyji thanks for dropping by…
[I] They already eat anything and everything possible under the sun [/I]
LOL ya I remember dasgupta sir told there are no sactuarie in China.. πŸ˜€

hey good to have u back.
i read about this in the paper. well the church is changing with time.
flexible mass timings, cutomized prayers.. for us (syrian orthodox christians) we are a lot behind time. i guess we ought to change too πŸ™‚

How can pollution be a sin? They mean to say that all of us should use bicycles?? πŸ˜†
I guess they meant Unwanted pollution…which can be reduced or avoided.
And nice set of punishments. My fav would be -“Dismembered alive
“. Sounds interesting. πŸ˜‰

@ Xylene
How about confessing through blogs/twitter/orkut?
(am stretching it too much heh)

Good point.. may be they meant — polluting the mind is a sin!
‘Dismembered alive. Sounds interesting’
sadist? πŸ˜›

well yes, the vatican does do these eerie things from time to time. They too have realised the importance of SEM. They understand that this will probably give them more hits on google and needless to say the media coverage.

Oh My God! (No puns intended…) πŸ˜€
But yeah, vatican is known to do some weird things from time to time… I only wish someone does something like what happened in that movie Euro Trip..!! hehe…

That scene was the most shocking one I have seen in recent times. My instant reaction was – what would have happened if this was an Indian movie? Demonstrations, dharnas, effigy burnings……the works!!!

The Church always have this habit of making us all look like big sinners. Are we all huge sinners who deservers to be punished in hell. I dont consider myself a sinner. I have my own short comings, but sin is something else.

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