Pathetic, lousy, hopeless, dreadful, pointless, terrible, mundane, preposterous, poor, awful.. all these words combined or individually describe the movie Tashan.

Yash Raj needs to be banned from making movies and their studios need to be burnt down for making this movie, but lets hold that plan for a while because they are making “Roadside Romeo“. (I am looking forward to this one)

There was nothing good in the movie according to me, except *cough* that song featuring Kareena *cough*. In fact I rate this movie below “Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag”!
Anil Kapoor plays a UP don and was a heavy disappointment for me! Saif Ali Khan WAS one of my favourite actors because of movies like “Omkara”, Dil Chahta Hai and “Being Cyrus,” he looked too cheesy in the movie.. may be its not him its just the script and the characters which are sub-standard. The movie has way too many plots and sub-plots to remember and by the end of the movie you are left wondering – What just happened?

Ooooh how could I have forgotten this. The stunt scenes performed by Akshay Kumar.. they put Rajnikanth to shame. He doesn’t split the bullet, but he manages to rip off an iron-electric pole and strike 20 odd villains into oblivion… baseball style.. er I mean T20 shtyle! There is also this stunt scene in which he is being shot at by 30-40 commandos and policemen. He manages to not get hit and jump around barrels, parapets, building roof and in the end snatches a gun and shoots down all of them.. sheesh not even Max Payne could have done it…

<< This is what the movie is actually worth!

If anyone went for the movie already, I offer my condolences

Here is the “action sequence I was talking abt.. watch out for the second half of the video


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Really lame movie indeed. And the fight sequences were completely out of the moon. I wonder what they were thinking when they were making it..this could have worked in 1960 or something maybe. Or maybe in 2020 when people can actually do those sort of things because they are cyborgs and all.

Oh, I’m a night owl too you know. And I’ve taken on a mission to mark all the posts in my feed reader as read. Still something around 20 to go. 😛

Sometime when things pile up i “select all” and mark them as read… makes me feel good somehow!

Hope u dint have to sit through it! 😀

How did I miss this review. 😀
I saw it twice. hehehehe.
I was shocked and then I was laughing and crying at the same time. You liked Kareena. You seem to be the only one who has *coughed*

What are u going to do with all the money u save like this?

Its a must mis-movie may be thats why!
Hey I watched Aag twice can u beat that?
I was shocked Karena lost so much weight (saw that bikini scene).. I coughed on my pop corn u see1

i dont know abt the film …havent watched it…but the hottest property in the film is definitely kareena…she did not lost anything with this film other than weight 🙂

u posted,
‘Wow Sidharth that was a very good piece indeed. I work with Bangalore Mirror. I wanted to know if I could use this post of yours for ‘Blog Talk’ section in our paper. Pls do let me know if you are okay with it.. my email id is nt[dot]balanarayan[at] mail[dot]com’

i am honored that u thing my work is good and u can go ahead and use it 🙂

Truly,the Movie was a bigtime bull.The action was so lame.Anil kapoor got on my nerves with his george ‘bus(h)’ english.The story was so predictable.That ‘guddi’ thingy was very irritating.Absolutely no tashan(passion) in the movie.

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