Now now… can we have some hybrids!

Imported cars are a rarity in India thanks to the more than 100 per cent tax that accompanies such products. They will continue to be a rarity if Indian Govt continues to impose such high taxes. But hey I don’t have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with Govt charging similar high tax on hybrid cars which have better mileage (by almost 40 per cent) compared to conventional petrol cars.

Honda Toyota launched hybrid version of Civic two days back and it was priced at Rs 21.5 lakh. If not for the taxes, the price would have been around Rs 11 lakh which makes it affordable for more number of people if not all. Isn’t it possible for Govt to reduce taxes for hybrids at least till the start producing such vehicles in India?

None of the automobile companies in India have started manufacturing hybrid vehicles as such; yet excise duty has been slashed to 14 per cent from 24 per cent. So isn’t it logical to allow imported hybrids at lower duty until production of hybrids domestically begins? Shouldn’t Indian Govt be offering incentives to people using hybrid cars? While world over Govts are taking serious steps towards energy conservation why is Indian Govt so lax about it? Why don’t they think about the amount of money they could save if more and more people start using such cars.

As of now the car is affordable only for the rich who, to be honest, won’t be as bothered by the hike as much as a normal Indian.

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True, they do charge a lot of taxes nowadays. And hybrid cars should be saved from the taxes because they help the environment and that’s everybody’s primary concern nowadays. We need to save petrol too. I find the import duties funny, maybe I don’t have much info about them but I was really shocked to see that the same Audi model costs 20 lakhs in the US of A and it costs 40 lakhs if you buy it from India. If you import it from the US of A, again they charge import duties of over 100% and it comes to 40 lakh. That’s just..err..weird.

Govts and reduce taxes !!!
U must be dreaming dude
let people make a morcha dharna or strike jam streets threaten working people and make police do the bandobast, kill a few of them and get a few killed , get the media focus then just might be
but u see will the people that can afford 11 lakh on a car do it ?

No taxes. I must be dreaming. I think I should stop dreaming.
well the govt has taxed even the reva !!!! the price of the car is very less in other countries. while in india its selling for 2.6lacks the price of an alto. I am sure that if the taxes on this was levied, and if it was sold for like less than 2 lacs, it wud sell like hot cakes (I am using this on every comment these days).
Also, it wud help save the environment. I dont think that a first time car buyer wud ever spend 2.6l on an electric car. Honestly I wont.

hmmm..i fail to understand that why there are so many cars n brands in market in 1st place when we know the fossil fuels r depleting at fast rate. every other day i see a new car ad on TV.

Have you checked the laptop prices abroad??

Nay they won’t! Unfortunately 🙁

Any idea if they will reduce taxes within a year?

\\I must be dreaming.\\
I see you are still having a hangover(car running on water!!) 😀

ut isn’t Alto produced in India only? Its not imported right? May we should blame Maruti-suzuki

Ah! They are all making hay while there is sunshine

3 days ago a friend came back from the us with a hp lappy with a 3gb ram 250 gb hdd —cost 23000 in india the same piece with 1gb ram and 160 hdd is and guess again close to 40000

“21 instead of 11”..thats really bad , i would have supported the govt. if they do something good for the ppl with that money here everything disappear 😀

Absolutely right….instead of encouraging migration to hybrid vehicles, they make sure those are out of reach for most. And the people who can afford them are, by and large, people who are also not very ecologically conscious – notice their other large guzzlers.

Quirky Indian

YOu did? Cool!

Ah just as I suspected 😀

Glad u agree

LOL quite true

thanks for pointing out.. correction made 😛

@Quirky Indian
Thanks for dropping by… Ya saw a few at MG Road in Blr just yesterday!

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