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Just Disappointing

Expectations — they are such a bad thing no? One goes to a movie expecting great things and comes out disappointed, more often than not.. at least thats been the case with me. I went for two hyped movies among many others the last month and both failed to catch up with my expectations.

Sarkar Raj, the comeback movie of RGV was supposed to be as good as the original Sarkar. The acting was sarkar Rajalmost as good but direction wasn’t. I found it quite strange that a director who has made gems like Company and Sarkar could come out with a movie with so many jarring loop holes. Oh, may be he is still in hang-over of Aag.

Acting vice Big B and Small B do justice to their role while the new B in the block Aishwarya, shows how lousy she is when it comes to acting– she should stick to modeling.

The first half was catchy, fast and set the tone.. the audience could smell blood and all that RGV had to do was go for the kill. But instead he let the movie drag on and finished the movie with a ending which came out of the blue. The fault was not with the story but with the direction skills.

The slightly different variant of the sound score from the original Sarkar is used in Sarkar Raj. Only this time the govinda govinda chant is played every now and then. It is played so many times that you are overwhelmed by it towards the end.

The cinematography is beautiful and the tint looks beautiful in the beginning. However it tends to make you weary after a while, because you can sense FAKE written all over it.

I read somewhere that the movie was 2hrs 40min long initially. RGV then decided to cut it down to 2 hrs 5 mins. That was a very bold decision and that reflects in the first half where the bulk of the minutes were lost.

Overall I feel it was the expectation that let me down. It wasn’t a bad movie as such. But just like one expect children of great people to be equally great, it is but natural to expect a sequel to be as good as the prequel.

Rating 6.5/10

PS: A friend of mine reckons that the killer who is appointed to kill AB is RGV himself… (if you haven’t seen the movie, you won’t understand what I am trying to say here =) )



This movie is supposed to be master piece of Kamalahasan! Ya right! Whom are they kidding. Wearing different masks and running around doing multiple roles doesn’t make one great. At least I don’t think it does!

Kamal plays ten characters in the movie and the only factor uniting them is a Tsunami. The movie is worth watching for the beginning sequence, showcasing how Tanjavur might have been in 15th century. Quite stunning I say. From there on the movie slides down, crashing into a pool of stupidity.

It is just not possible to comment on Kamal’s acting as his face is visible for only two characters. In all other characters, all you get to see is the atta like face. The worst character in the movie is of Fletcher, a terminator kinda character who is also an ex-CIA agent. I have nothing much to say about the rest of the characters for they are all equally bad err defective. Like one of friends mentioned, most characters played by Kamal looked like characters out of The Simpsons. Asin plays the typical village lass as shown in almost al Tamil moves — silly, squeaky and comes under the category of pest. Also I think this is the first movie in which Mallika Sherawat has an item number and a decent role to play.

The soundtrack of the movie is okayish but the songs are forcefully included in the movie and they feel out of context. The story was so crappy that it would have been a bigger flop than Tashan if not for the hype.

I expected a lot from this movie and I expected to come out of the hall in awe, but that wasn’t to be. I came out frowning instead.

Rating – 2.5/10

PS: On a lighter note; in case somebody gifts you a DVD of the movies (after it comes out that is) do understand that he considers you to be his no.1 enemy!

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I feel your disappointment.. I had really great expectations on Spielberg’s latest Jones movie, Having seen all the older Indy movies since I was a kid. (Exception to Temple of Doom, That was yet another lame movie)

Went to the movie along with my Uncle (who’s a die-hard Indy fan) and we were both ‘WTFH’ within the first 30mins of the movie. His exact comment: “…THIS is a Spielberg movie? That guy has lost it!”

There were many scenes which directly reminded me of ‘The Mummy’.. And WTF, Aliens!? I remember all the director’s other movies.. Seems this movie is a Chow-Chow of all his movies.

My Rating: 5/10

Looking forward to see “The Dark Knight”, Hope my expectations aren’t ruined with this one too!

@ Subbu
Am not a big Indy movie fan so dint go for that one.. I cant remember the last time Spielberg made a movie which dint have an alien. (and yes all his aliens have triangle faces) The guy is obsessed with it, someone needs to break it to him thats its not cool!


PS: On a lighter note; in case somebody gifts you a DVD of the movies (after it comes out that is) do understand that he considers you to be his no.1 enemy! //

LOL too much man… you are playing Rajiv Masand from IBN πŸ˜‰

I really expected something out of dasavatharam, πŸ™ most of d ppl who watched the movie had the same kinda disappointment ….with most of them confused wid the 10 characters he play…
just 2.5 πŸ™ ..
Next hope for Vikram s Kandaswami :mr green:

Cool will check them out!

I hate you for saying that buy ya you are right may be I was a bit too harsh! I wrote it immediately after the movie and has been in drafts since.. just published it today

Ya me too it dint justify the hype! πŸ™

LOL thats a good idea but its only human to expect!

oh this movie is getting bad bad bad reviews. Might be a very very very bad movie.
I think atleast he saved on the money he has to spend on actors. he is acting all the roles himself. I think in his next movie he will be the hero and the heroine as well. In every kamalahasan movie he wud atleast appear in 2 roles for sure. Now 10 was.. well toooo much !.

Hi Guys,

What more u guys expecting from kamal,if he makes a movie like Mhanadhi,people just say how one could see amovie full of emotions and makes one cry.If heacts in a masala movie like dasavatharam u simply say ur expectaions were shattered.

i think he has made a movie that one can enjoy watching.U seems to be not understood anything in movie,it was 12th century and it was chidambaram not thanjavur.
it was based on a concept of every event happens in our world is related to one another.

Eeekjactly! πŸ˜€

First of all thanks for pointing out the mistake.. but rr don’t take me to be a fool just cos I made he mistake. I do understand what the director was trying to say.. he just did a very lousy job.

For a food to be good its not enough that the recipe is good… the food has to taste good as well.

Its fun if yu watch in a group with full realization that its an out an out commercial movie.. I was disappointed as I expected something more an actor of Kamal’s calibre!

hehe, the friend is still suffering from sarkar rage… meanwhile, there’s apparently a scene in ‘de taali’, in which the last torture method used is making the victim see a dvd of ‘rgv ki aag’.. last, because it succeeded πŸ™‚

Oh, I thought Dasavathaaram is a great movie, and that’s why I booked tickets for today! It’s with great difficulty I managed to get those too! Ah, now why didn’t I read this post earlier?:(
Great, review, by the way!:)

“This movie is supposed to be master piece of Kamalahasan! Ya right!”

Who said so?

“Whom are they kidding. Wearing different masks and running around doing multiple roles doesn’t make one great.”

The make over was not 100% perfect. But nobody wore masks.
And I haven’t even read anything else. Why ‘attack’? And why not try to reason your sense before writing a review? no offense. Not that I have attempted a review of this film. It’s just that it puts a reader off from reading further. Justify your claims.
Regards. πŸ™‚

Thanks for dropping by; I agree I was a bit too critical with regard to this movie but it was not without reason. To be honest I don’t see any reason why this movie should be called a masterpiece!
The make up wasn’t good at all… the thing that applied on Kamal’s face was nothing short of a mask

lol,who has seen sivaji πŸ™‚

after tat movie,i can tolerate any movie with “No Story” πŸ™‚

thanks for the polite reply πŸ™‚
of course i won’t write if I didn’t see any scope for discussion
I fail to see why nobody brings up the sub-text or the subtlety of the movie despite its long chase scenes. The mockery of Bush and Indian sense of respect was stark. So was the theological discussion. I am not even talking about the 10 characters and the chaos theory which for me are only secondary.
As a critical movie watcher, I liked the film despite its directorial flaws.

and balu, this is katya, same as theyoungindia where I write. Didn’t log out before posting and hence the possible confusion… πŸ˜›

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