Maid in Bangalore


He: My maid hasn’t come for like ten days now!

She: Mine too. I have a ton of clothes to wash

He: Oh I have a washing machine, so washing is taken care of. I just hate washing dishes and I have to do it these days. That sucks!

She: Hmm I can understand, it’s okay as long as they inform before they disappear.


He: Guess what, my maid turned up today!

She: Woah rilly? Mine too

He: Do all the maids in Bangalore plan and take leave together?

She: No idea, but I gave her a good hearing

He: Oh yeah, me too!

No one asked for their version – yet! But the mystery remains, where did the maids go for ten days? He stays near Indiranagar and she stays at Koramangala. Localities are not even close by. What are the odds of both the maids taking off for ten days and coming back the same day?

PS: I know it’s been a long time since I blogged, I owe it to my laziness and a dental problem I had (more on that later)

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  1. Mojo Jojo Avatar

    Yeah, I can understand. My maid’s a real wet blanket too.
    But hey! You didn’t blog because of a dental issue? You one of those people who type with their teeth?
    Can’t wait to read more on that later.

  2. Nova Avatar

    One sec… was this post about maids????????

  3. dinu Avatar

    welcome back .. I am guessing, it was the same maid …

  4. xylene Avatar

    I dont have a maid. One reason is they call you up as early as 6 in the morning.
    I guess washing the dishes is better.

    Like Dinu said, It could be the same maid. They have scooters these days and serve all over the city

  5. | Balu | Avatar

    Nah I don’t type with my teeth. But the trauma of tooth ache is such that you wouldn’t want to type of all things! =P

    One sec… hmm yeah I guess.. a total no-murder-mystery built around maids!

    Nah not the same one. I mean I have seen the maids in both their houses!

    Our maid usually comes at 10:30 just when we are about to leave for office… maids have scooters too? Sheesh I myself don’t have one :-0

  6. | Balu | Avatar

    Now on welcome back.. like you said, am back but for a tentative period. Hopefully I won’t get sucked into another habit (like MMOs) which dissuades me from blogging 😀

  7. Nikhil Avatar

    If both maids were women, then they’re having an affair.
    If one is a man and the other is a woman, then they’re having an affair.
    If both maids are men, then it’s time to change maids.

  8. Smita Avatar

    If I start with Maids story I can come up with a novel 😀

    They are one community which know our soft nerves and they use the knowledge well

  9. Amit Avatar

    The maids might be FBI agents and might have gone for a secret assignment.

  10. ish Avatar

    Erm, maybe they have the same maid and they have no idea?

  11. Suda Avatar

    May be it was just a co-incidence!! (Or most probably they are sisters!!!)

  12. Nidhi Bhushan Avatar
    Nidhi Bhushan


    I don’t understand why the guy in your little skit was cribbing so much, I mean he has a bloody washing machine and it’s not that difficult washing utensils 😉 ! I feel very bad for the girl though!

  13. Mojo Jojo Avatar

    @ Nidhi: What in hell do you mean by “why the guy was cribbing so much”?! Khoon pasine ki kamai se khareeda tha washing machine ko, and on top of that – it seems to have developed a pretty bad bladder problem lately.

  14. | Balu | Avatar

    Revelation number 1:
    The He in the post is Mojo and
    She is Nidhi
    Let the fight begin!

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