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D-Day chronicles

D-Day stands for Dentist’s Days, the rotten days when I had to visit dentist. It a series much like GTA. check out what this guy’s experience with dentists

Dentists and me never see eye to eye. My first visit to the dentist was when I was 4 years old. Yes that’s when I had my first cavity 🙂 Thanks to be diet comprising of sugar, chocolate and everything nice. (PS: So I guess that tells something about my chocolate/sugar intake! 😛 ) I guess I will save that story for later, and I will jump to my latest visit to the dentist.

It all started with a Happydent. Yes, the same chewing gum, which is supposed to keep my teeth white and happy, instead it left me with a dent. Ouch! I had got this filling done in my second last tooth on my right side (what do you call those… molars?) anyways as soon I bit this chewing gum, the whole filling came out and for one second I froze in pain. I couldn’t scream or move.

I immediately rushed to Hosmat, the closest hospital from my M G Road office; the dentist peered into my mouth, which I struggled to keep open, because of pain. She injected local anesthesia, which put me at ease for a while. Then she used mirror and those tiny little tongs (don’t know what it’s actually called) and came to the conclusion that I needed to undergo a root canal. Damn root canal? That means 7 more visits across two weeks, which would involve grinding of tooth, filling of tooth, getting my tooth X-ray-ed and yes getting my tooth capped so that I have no further issues with that tooth. (Sheesh I was just seeing how many times I could put in the word tooth in that sentence!) The treatment sure promises to leave a Rs 7K size hole in my pocket.

You think everything was done with that? A big no I say! My lady doctor left the best for the end. As a parting gesture she told me that I have 7 minor cavities as  well, which too deserve some cleaning. Oh groan rilly? Why couldn’t our teeth be made of platinum or titanium or something that strong? Why this feeble material called calcium?

More on my dental tragedies.. Soon…

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Do consult another dentist before you do the root canal.

Yeah I know what you are going through.
You can get gold teeth which you can fix it after removing the calcium ones. Well save the calcium ones for a while it will have to be removed few years from now anyway.
Platinum if you can afford it.

Nah it was terrible, root canal was inevitable. I didn’t just have a cavity but a crater in my tooth! 🙁
Gold teeth is a good idea I wouldn’t even have to worry about it turning yellow! 😀

I am expecting something like this pretty soon .. not because I have too much of sweets, but I was too lazy to clean my Ts well, right from my childhood .. my mom warned me so many times, and still, I brush daily but not well enough to keep them well .. i know.. someday, I will have to post something similar

I think u would be interested to know that the protective ceramic-like veneer, thick as a dime, i.e. the teeth enamel is the strongest material in the human body. It’s your teeth’s first line of defense against corrosive bacteria and the constant pounding and stresses that come with chewing. But once its gone then the trouble begins.

I hear your woes dude. In my 24 years of life, I have had 4 Root Canal Therapies, two more Root Canal Therapies on two teeth that already had RCTs and 2 extractions. It’s just crazy!

I vote for titanium / platinum teeth as well :)!

Uh oh, dentists. I don’t go on well with those people either. Actually, I don’t go well with anybody who has a light on their head and some weird thing in their hands and peers into my mouth. 😐

I got braces around 7 years back because I had really horrible teeth. They still aren’t great but anyway, better than what they were at that time. Most people keep braces for a year or so, I kept them for 3 years because I would make a scene everytime we had to go to the doctor and ultimately we’d end up not going. I hate the smell in a dentists room. And that horrible reclining chair. :S

Iceeee Creaaamm yummm!

Should I get an appointment for you? 😀

You mean the old school way? Nah too boring!

Ya ya am eating lotta ice creams (extra care) and yes doctor told me to as well!

I am aware of that, it’s just that it’s not strongest material on earth (only in the human body)

4 frikkin root canals! Man you sound like an irrigation project (bad joke =P)
About the titanium teeth, you will have to wait till I become god

Ah around 6

Hey I love the chair I slept on it for like 15 min =D

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