Google Reader is bugged up!

I don’t like to see unread stuff on my Google reader despite the fact that I get 500 odd fresh feeds every day. When it comes to reading it is the ‘friend’s shared items’ that I read up first.

Since the Google team introduced comments feature the number of shared items I have been getting have reduced drastically. I didn’t want to think of this as a bug in Reader despite a voice shouting out to me from the back of my mind that it had to be one. Anyway today I opened by Reader like any other day only to find 15 items as shared.. I read those went about doing other work. Sometime in the evening when I opened the reader my jaw dropped. For there were 121 unread items shared by my friends.


(click image to magnify)

Now the funny part is some of these items were shared at the beginning of this month.


So why didn’t it show in my reader? Surely its fucked bugged up! I just hope they fix it soon enough. Because I am one of those people who are addicted to the service

Another point to be noted: Some of these items had already appeared as shared. I had read them as well. So why are READ items coming up as UNREAD! GRRR This is pissing off =/

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I guess.. it’s not appearing anymore.. 🙂
I had posted in Google reader Google groups as well may be they asw it and got it fixed. They didn’t post anything there though

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