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Attacks on women continue

Women are still being targetted in Bangalore by right wing elements who have totally lost it. Pink chaddi campaign for all its “fun” seems to have backfired! =( The kind of abuse being hurled at them goes beyong shocking. Why they resort to such down trodden act is beyond my understanding. 

I got these three cases as an email forward. Please post this on your blog as well, if possible.

Incident #1

Your browser may not support display of this image.Time, date of Attack: 9:00 p.m, 24th Feb 

My name is Lakshmi. I was attacked on 24th Feb at around 9:00 pm. I was walking down Vasanthnagar after I’d wrapped up work looking for an auto. At the underbridge I noticed four men walking down the road towards me. I crossed over to the other side, just in case. I continued to walk down towards Kodava Samaj. Suddenly I realised that the four men had crossed the road as well. Once they were close enough they started pushing me and passing comments. I tried to ignore them, stepped around them and continued walking. They turned around and walked back towards me and started pushing me around. I finally lost my temper and turned and told them to leave me alone,  

One of them came really close and started abusing me in Kannada and Hindi. At that point I pushed him away from me. The next thing I know I’m in the middle of a roadside brawl. The guy who spoke to me punched me and the other three started hitting me as well. I fought back and all of us were in a scuffle All through the attack I was abused in Hindi and Kannada for wearing jeans and fighting back. After what seemed like an eternity I heard an auto go by and I shouted out to him. Luckily for me he stopped. For a split second the four men were taken aback and let go off me I pushed them and ran across the road, climbed into the auto and begged him to take me home. The four men followed me to the auto and tried to drag me out. At that point the auto guy started the auto and rode away. The whole attack must have happened in a span of about 5 or 6 minutes.


Incident #2

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     Time, date of Attack: 11:15-11:30 on

My name is Jasmine. I am a Bangalorean. At least I think I am. I fell in love with this city two years ago and shifted base from Mumbai. I was on my way to work at Koramangala at around 11.15-11.30 in the morning when my auto broke down at Ulsoor. As I was hailing another one a white Quallis slowed down next to me and the occupants said something to me in Kannada. I rolled my eyes. That was their provocation.

I do not know if that angered them but the more I dwell on that unforgettable episode in my life, they seemed like predators, on the hunt. Before I knew it four middle-aged men emerged out of the vehicle and began verbally assaulting me.  

First they started hurling obscenities at me in Kannada and then it became physical. They started touching and pulling at my clothes. One of them tugged so brutally at the shrug I was wearing that he scratched my neck. Their goal — to show the collected crowd the top that I was wearing underneath my shrug.

When the shrug didn’t come off with their tugging, the violence of the tugging increased. In self defence I hit out at an offending hand that was trying to disrobe me. The response, he slapped me hard across my ear. Then they began trying to lift my top up while making references to ‘pink chaddi’ – the only words I could understand of their tirade.  

I told them I would call the police and one of them arrogantly proffered me his phone to make the call. The few people who dared to gather and watch were dumbfounded and no one said a thing. Some passing cars even slowed down, but not one stopped to help.

The whole time, the four of them kept up the tireless rant of obscenities, calling me names and trying to humiliate me in front of the gathered crowd. They couldn’t bear that a woman was looking them in the eye, and each time I raised my head to look at the tormentors, they kept pushing my head down, threatening me not to look at them in the face. While they were hitting my head, an army vehicle drove past. They stopped and intervened. Finally the army men helped me into a rickshaw to continue on what I thought was going to be a regular day at work. 

It looked like these guys just wanted to make a spectacle and humiliate someone that day. And I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened to me if the army men hadn’t put an end to the humiliation. I do not want to talk to the cops as even with hardcore evidence, the police didn’t do anything about the Mangalore episode and those hooligans are out. I do not want to talk to the press and be anyone’s political scapegoat. The whole situation was a nightmare and every time I talk about it, I relive it.

Incident #3


Time, Date of Attack: 13:10 to 13:40 | 17.02.2009


My name is Geetanjali. At 13:00 I get into my car start driving home. Almost immediately I notice a motorbike with 2 men chasing horning, hooting, and over-taking my car in a dangerous manner.


I turn onto 100ft road. The bikers follow me, then while over-taking the driver shouts at me and spits onto the window of my car. I make an angry gesture at this unprovoked action. The bikers then block my car from the front and ride very slowly. Cars behind us are now honking loudly.


I arrive at the 100ft Rd and 12th Main junction. I intend to take a right and have my right indicator on. The bikers also take the right turn and then stop their vehicle in such a way as to obstruct my passage.

The driver of the bike proceeds to get off his bike and starts attacking my car. For the next 5-6 minutes he then proceeds to beat on the car and shout obscenities in Kannada. I do not retaliate in anyway. No-one tries to help!


The pillion biker looks shocked at his friends actions and begins to roll the bike to the left side of the road. I seize the chance, and try to drive away. While doing so, the front bumper of my car grazes the bumper of the bike. This infuriates the attacker further.

He gets onto his bike and chases me. I realize that I don’t know where the police station is in this locality, and decide to seek refuge in my friends house. With the attacker following me closely, I drive straight into the basement parking area of an apartment in Indiranagar.


The attacker parks his bike outside and pursues me into the building. I get out of my car in an attempt to flee, but he corners me against my car and proceeds to shout obscenities while constantly stepping closer and closer to me. This goes on for about 5-10 minutes. I do not retaliate verbally except to shout for help from the security guard.

By now he is less than a foot away from me. I cannot move back as my car is behind me. I slap him on his right cheek. He lunges at me and tries to punch my face, I manage to evade him, however he succeeds in punching my jaw.


At this action of his, I start to shout at him loudly in Kannada about his shamelessness at raising his hand on a woman. He is startled and steps back. The security guard now steps in and tries to push him out of the building. I use this opportunity to run towards the staircase.

I have just managed to climb 4 steps up when I realize that the attacker has run outside to the road and has started to come running back in with a large stone in his hand. He is continuously shouting and swearing.


I run upstairs and find the resident of the 1st floor apartment rushing out of her house. I caution her about going downstairs. The attacker is still shouting. I hear a crashing sound as he throws the stone at my car.

From the 1st floor apartment window, I can see that the attacker is waiting outside the gate of the building. I ask the owner of the apartment to call the police, but she refuses to do so. I then ask her to call the guard via the intercom and ask him to take down the license plate number of the attackers motorbike. By the time the guard picks up the phone, the attacker rides away.



On questioning the guard, he said that the attacker took down the license plate number of my car and threatened to find and harm/kill me later. None of the neighbors who were watching helped or took down the license plate number of the attackers vehicle!


I have never felt like leaving my country for good. Yesterday I felt that. For that day I was homeless and orphaned and helpless in a way like never before. The residual feeling today is one of deep sadness at the frailty of humanity. The end of innocence for having stared at the nobility of the human spirit caving into the heart of darkness.






I am tired.

The big question.. where did these people prop up from? Out of the blue? Who gives them right to go ahead with such fanatic act? Why isn’t anyone doing anything? They are a disgrace for kannadigas but why aren’t the real Bangaloreans who lived in the city for ages doing nothing about them?

UPDATE: @santoshp says “Did you listen to what Home minsiter of k’nataka says ”do not bring such silly things to my notice” BJP in K’nataka is worse!”

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Nobody helped the ladies. That’s how sterile the people are. Men are still governed by the olden beliefs of women as ‘home dolls’.
Somehow, those useless people watching the act from a distance and refusing any assistance bother me more than the attackers.
Hope this stops. Whatever party is at the helm of affairs.

I never thought Bangalore will go this way (the Bihar/UP way).. ! While the state with BJP’s rule goes this way, I see ad’s in most of the newspaper sites: ‘LK Advani for PM’ aka ‘Throw India to the dogs’.. Gosh…

Dudes and dudettes out there, jus’ gather some courage and hit them back hard (run to some decently crowded place), you might be hurt but atleast you won’ be maundering once you’re off the situation.

the statement is a bit sweeping cant just blame the bjp , other parties are no different including congress…
secondly can email forwards be taken as truth ? and why didn’t the girls go to the trp hungry press or to the police ?

all politicians are the same, they want only to deal with big numbers because votes decide who gets elected

but yes i think it is the discomfort of the alpha kannadigas who are seeing a new wave of modernism challenging their age old hegemony
and not all citys are as free as mumbai…
Delhi is worse , no women venture out at nite lest they be raped …

I don’t want to differ or blame any party. It’s the fault of all of us. We can never let people get away by taking away our freedom of expression. Furthermore, we certainly cannot let anyone act vigilantes of so-called “traditional” viewpoint. The world’s changing. If people still mis-read and misunderstand what they believe is right based on their illiterate and illogical minds, no person should be harmed for it!

such horrible state of affairs, it is sad really, what has become of our country and its people. I can’t imagine being in banglore and not going out by my self or hanging out with friends at a pub or disc..but if this is the case, the next time i’m there, i may have to think twice. I’m sure people are already doin that. Sad really, sad !

This all look like a political party has given go ahead to its goons to go after women and creatw nuisance, what troubles me most is

“watch were dumbfounded and no one said a thing. Some passing cars even slowed down, but not one stopped to help.”

May be its our fears of not getting involved in a fight, justified but if we won’t helps other how will others help us, when we are in trouble.

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