Journalism colleges to include shoe-throwing in syllabus

Embarrassed by the inability of journalists to hit a non-moving objects — on multiple occasions now — with a shoe, even from close ranges, International Journalists Assosication have decided to include shoe-throwing as part of the syllabus in all journalism courses. They will instruct all universities to make this change considering the crisis journalists around the world are going through.

Jason Pillai, Secretary of the Association blamed the situation on the lack of exciting stuff for media to report about. “At times journos are forced to pull off such stunts, because the world we live in, is not as exciting as it used to be. There is no Hitler, no more World wars, for god’s sake they even killed Saddam Hussain. The Bin Laden tapes don’t get as many TRPs as it used to –- Pakistan being an exception — and bomb blasts have become as common as price-rise in India. No one gives a damn about those things any longer.”

At this point chupchap was forced to remind him that he was going off the mark and that the actual issue was about this journo who missed the mark at such a short distance. Jason Pillai nodded his head and said that the new subject on Shoe-throwing will be 90% practical and 10% based on written exams. “Journalists will receive training by the respective military – from Taliban and freelance suicide members for journos in NWFP Pakistan. By the need of the course, they should be able to hit the ‘target’ from  range of 50 yards.”

In the written exams they will have questions pertaining to the history of such practice and a five page essay of the founder of the trend among others.

He also said that the association will contact Oxford dictionary to change the spelling of shooed away to shoed away considering the relevance of the latter.

PS: Aw crap, looks like someone already thought about the idea before me! Grrr

PPS: Okay yet another person (also working for DNA) wrote on a similar topic! Two DNA employees wrote on the same topic. Hmm… we do some sole-ful journalism you see! =P

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The tv cameras zoomed on the shoe. That was good shoe. I wonder if he is still walking with just one shoe on as Mr Home minister has taken the other one as souvenir.

I realised that I need to ‘try to write something funny’ once in a while

I hoipe it was branded atleast =D When I first heard about it, I thought he must have thrown it really hard on his face.. turns out he merely tossed it across

@Guru Panguji
I am already working on it.. just came out of shooting range =D

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