Zapak turns political

What does Zapak got to do with politics? Nothing, would be my answer on any other day but looks like they do help political leaders voice their opinion.

Medianama reports of a microsite for MNS in the Zapak site. The microsite brings in interactivity to their campaign which their site doesn’t offer.

Apart from the “Vote for us“ stuff on the site, it offers a flash game and that flash game is what caught my attention. Why? Because the protagonist of the game wasn’t Shivaji Maharaj, but Tipu Sultan. Hmm Something wrong there isn’t it? Why would a party who thrives on Maharashtrian pride have a game with Tipu Sultan, “Tiger of Mysore” on their page?

I think it is just a ploy to appeal to the Muslims in Maharashtra. the banner on top which showcases all their candidates makes it pretty obvious too.

“The youth and manase join forces for secularism & progress” it says. I have nothing against them being secular, but I do have an issue with desperately trying to be secular. Looks like they have abandoned secularism  for the sake of a few votes. Great going. Silently I hope they have abandoned their Maharashtrian chauvinism for good and not just for a few votes!

All that said, the site also shows that our political parties (their web team rather) realise the power and influence interactive games can have on a person. If this game had been developed earlier we could have seen our good ol’ Ad-vani games popping up on zapak and games2win.

That said check out this list of games that can be made around politics, I wrote on my gaming blog.

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