This has to be the best election ever!

Congress is set to form a government, and Prakash Karat feels ‘left out’.

CPI is happy that BJP/NDA did not win the election.

BJP, at least in Kerala, are happy that CPI has been sidelined. SMILEY FACE

Congress is happy that both these parties are not in their way.

Twitter users are happy that #indiavotes09 was a “trending topic” on twitter for around 8 hours.

News channels are happy because they got something to blabber about for days together.

Mathematicians, numerologists, astrologists, historians, professors and political experts are happy because, news channels will call them up on an hourly basis for “expert opinion”.

Voters, in general are happy because… hmm are they happy? Well let’s ask them at the end of 5 years. Let’s forget that we elected politicians to power and the fact that they are supposed to fulfill all the promises they made during the election. See you after 5 years Indian voter, let’s go into a slumber. Sleep well.

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  1. BLOG> This has to be the best election results ever.. here’s why..

  2. xylene Avatar

    Cool !!
    Change the theme, black makes it less serious !

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  3. | Balu | Avatar

    Hey, thanks for dropping by.

    The theme is same as my gaming blog theme.. wanted them to look the same that’s why =D
    customising a few other themes so both blogs will sport a new look soon =)

    | Balu |’s last blog post..This has to be the best election ever!

  4. Prax Avatar

    nice post
    just read about the mountain of fiscal deficit and huge debt burden the govt has to deal with, before reading this
    ur politically mature and critical of the lot
    im no different 🙂

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    1. | Balu | Avatar

      Well of course you are 🙂

      | Balu |’s last blog post..Racist who they? Of course!

  5. Christina Avatar

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