Rumour: Royal Challengers to have blue jersey from next year?

Last year they looked royally challenged, but this year Royal Challengers Bangalore, put up a solid challenge. Despite all the heroics by Kumble and co, it was finally the men in blue who took away the IPL trophy; yet again.



Shane Warne’s army, the real duplicate men in blue, (original is Indian cricket team duh!) might be sipping beer or babe watching as I write this. It is rumoured that Royal Challengers owner, Vijay Mallya, is consulting fashion designers around the city for that perfect shade of blue for the team’s jersey. He thinks the new colour will help the team lift the horrendous looking, but highly valuable trophy next year.

Vijay Mallya gave an entirely new meaning to the idiom – grin and bear it, when chupchap asked him how he felt after the loss. (Barkha Dutt says she will sue me for asking her copyrighted question! oops) He merely GRINNED and got back to his BEER.

Meanwhile, the Kolkata team has sent a bunch of intellectuals from Bengal to study how Hyderabad and Bangalore made it from the bottom of the table to the finals in a year. Also, Dildo aka Shah Rukh Mayur Khan, is planning to treat dada (means big brother) as a dada should be — with respect. So what prompted him to do so? Well, the performance of a certain Jumbo and Gilly. Speaking of legends, McGrath is not happy with the way he was kept waiting through the tourney and might not be playing next year. Well, someone might recruit him as bowling coach next year =P

So who will win IPL next year? Will Kolkata do a Deccan? Can Bangalore red devils, sorry, blue devils, improve on it’s performance this year and win the cup?

Let’s play the waiting game. Let us get back to test matches and forget Mandira Bedi and Lalit Modi for a while. Let’s also try to forget DLF maximums and call it a sixer for a change.

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