China is making a fool of themselves

I don’t understand China at times. Call it cultural gap/shock whatever you want, but they are just strange, just like Chailey goes aaagh about things here in India I suppose.

First, they decide to beat up/slaughter students in Tiananmen Square about 20 years back and then they try to white wash it by scaring witnesses and suppressing those who chose to speak out. A lot of time has passed since then, the country has gone from being an iron fisted closed one to one of the vibrant and fastest growing economies in the world. Yet they continue their attempt to hush up the past. Why? Can’t they just accept the past and move on into the future?

Now they are not just arm twisting Google and Wikipedia, but also foreign media. Take a look at this video from BBC.

Apparently media lens is being covered by Chinese police dressed as civilians. You can find more photos of them here. Does China think it can change the way the world perceives them by coming up with something like that? They have only succeeded in intimidating the rest of the world with an act like that. Not that India is not already intimidated by them!

MUST READ: James Fallows’ (The Atlantic) Beijing report

A DNA reporter’s account in China

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Lol! Thats so damn funny……..really. stupid.

But yeah, the western media is also taking this too far..they always want to steamroll china over any issue….

PS/ Whoa! ur comments shows my lates post?!?!?! Coooool.

I want these things on my blog..!!!

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