You can post to Buzz via email

I just found this on ReadWriteWeb, that you can post photos, videos or just plain text to buzz via email. All you have to do is mail it all to [email protected].
Though the idea is pretty interesting, it's also a threat to Posterous, a website which lets you blog by simply sending in an email. What made services like Posterous and Tumblr so unique is the fact that one can subscribe to posterous/tumblr account of their friends and see updates on posterous/tumblr dashboards. In short no need for an RSS-RSS reader. That way Buzz already has a dashboard, a real time one at that. I haven't seen anyone use this feature or even talk about this feature as such. So let's see how it pans out. Could it be a threat to these blogging platforms? May be, may be not. I won't call Buzz a Posterous killer yet, there's definitely space for more than one service, considering there are a lot of people who don't want to keep all their eggs in google's basket.

PS: I CCed this post to my posterous account. Do check it out too =)

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  1. dinu Avatar

    sounds really simple ! 🙂

  2. | Balu | Avatar

    UPDATE: Only the subject line came in buzz =/

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