Create your own Quora like QnA website

Are you a fan of Quora like me? Do you want to set up a similar website and not a phpBB forum? If you answered with a yes to both the questions, I have good news for you. You can, and it’s very simple thanks to a combination of Vanilla Forums software — a free wordpress like software — and a voting plugin which makes setting up a QnA website/forum a breeze. Check out the dev community forum of Vanilla to understand what I’m talking about.

The backend of Vanilla software is very similar to wordpress so it shouldn’t be too difficult for normal bloggers to get started, as an added bonus it even has an WP-Vanilla integration plugin which lets users login to both the places with one login.

I found the software after a week long search for a forum software that could be integrated with my gaming blog and till now it’s great. The forum theme is under going some radical tweaking, which explains the missing link. 😉

In short, if you’re planning to build a community around your wordpress blog this is the software you should use.

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Thanks your comment is very helpful . I am trying to build a QnA site and your article really enlightened me on this ! Keep up the good work !

Cool idea. Also, there are some readymade scripts for the purpose too. Like Coordino, Qwench and the unbelievable OSQA. The last one is a ditto copy. Have a look.

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