Let’s Put Things in Perspective… #Ayodhya

A mother returned from baazar to find all of her three children fighting over a bar of chocolate. Each of them claimed that it was theirs and mother’s suggestion of getting them more chocolates so that everyone got one, was simple ignored.

All of them wanted that very piece of chocolate. One claimed that their father had got it especially for him when he came back from his middle-east trip recently, the second one claimed that he had been going to buy vegetables and with his work ‘he had earned it!’ and the third one said that he was the youngest and threw a fuss about not getting to wear only his brother’s used clothes and not getting any attention in general.

The mother was in a fix and there was only one thing she thought she could do at that moment. She snatched the chocolate bar out of the hand of the youngest kid, split it into three equal pieces, thrust it into the hands of the three kids, who looked a bit shocked. “There is everything okay now?,” she asked giving away that soothing smile all mother have.

“Eh yes,” the kids.. there was nothing else they could do at that point actually, the mother knew that very well.

“Phew that wasn’t so tough, I wonder why the high court took so long to do the same with the Ayodhya land,” she thought to herself.

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  1. BiBinhio Avatar

    Well put indeed… There was so much hue and cry before the verdict in Delhi (what with most offices getting half-day leave and borders to neighbouring areas being closed down, but after it, no one really knew what to make of the decision. The judges appeared to be confused themselves and whatever they told the hordes of media awaiting them at Allahabad just seemed to increase the vagueness of the decision… A good lesson in smoothening over I say!

  2. TnTn Avatar

    By far, the worst blog entry I have ever read. Please do yourself a favor by enrolling youself to an English course.

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