Internet, have you helped out someone today?

Jume is a new website which lets you share what you plan to do in the future, get help and suggestions from friends before you do it. To put it bluntly, it’s a more social version of Google Calendar, but it could be much more than that.

On Jume, a user can play two roles — you can create a task or comment on a task which another person has created. I’m not going to write on why you should use the service, as Prashanth at TechBangalore has a very good write up on the same.

I would instead prefer to write on things which I still don’t understand or like to see on the site.

  • The site lets me posts tasks that I want to do, but there’s no way I can specify things I could do help with, as part of the task. For example, Mark has a post here saying: finalise on a restaurant for my anniversary — but there’s no place to add further details to that question. Mark can only post the details as a comment, which is a very limiting option if you ask me.
  • An option to get help offline. When you try to copy a friend’s task, there is an option of where you want to do the task, now why isn’t it possible to invite friends to join you in a task? For example, I need to buy a new phone and want to invite a few of my friends when I go for it, how do I do that?
  • I’m surprised that there are no tags considering Quora and Blekko have used it with some success bringing the focus back to it and away from natural language search. Tags can make it easier for users to find tasks they might be interested in, provided there are additional filters to show only tasks from a particular area or a timeframe for a specific topic.
  • What’s the difference between ‘help’ and ‘commenting’? Under every task there’s an option to comment or a link which says ‘help’. Posting via help essentially send your reply as a private message while comments are publically visible. So those who reply via a comment are not helping?
  • Why not pull in answers from other sites? Every task can lead to a ton of questions. For example, there might be hundreds of people who might have to accomplish a task: Buying a phone and there might be common questions they might have, which they might try to get answers for on Quora, or Twitter, or Facebook. Now why isn’t there any option to ask questions? Or pull in relevant answers from these sites?
  • The design has been inspired by Quora, no doubts there, so then what happened to the ajaxy search box? Or is search not that important in this case?

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