Living on the cloud

A year back I thought living on the cloud was a very stupid idea, but having tried it our for two months I’m less frustrated than I thought I would be.

The most difficult part uninstalling XP and intsalling Joli OS. The installation process itself was pretty easy what was difficult was the thought of letting go of all the software that I had taken for granted. Especially apps like Gimp.

I replaced notepad, which I use a lot to collect random text for a story or blog post or for  reading later on with simplenote, which also works as a great bookmarking application.

Replacing MS Word with Google Docs on the other hand was not that easy. When internet speed is good, it works like a charm, but when it get slow, like it happens towards the end of the month when I exceed data cap, it gets tricky and the whole process feels like a waste of time.

I’m glad I made the cloud shift with JoliOS and not Chrome OS as I can install Linux based software if necessary as the OS is based on Ubuntu. The flaw with the OS is the limited offline functionality for cloud apps such as google docs.

Using twitter from the website all the time was not such a good idea either as there were times when it wouldn’t load correctly. Finally I installed Adobe Air and DestroyTwitter — problem solved!

So what do I really really really miss? Gaming! Yes, I’m using a netbook alright but I would still be able to at least Counter Strike on it if it had XP. Other than that using an operating system like Joli OS is not going to kill you. It’s definitely worth a try. 🙂

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