One thing I hate is being judged and I’m reminded of this so very often by N who hates being judged much more than me. Also, as human beings I guess we can’t help, but judge others by their, actions, mannerisms, the way they look, what they talk about, who, they hang out with and so on.

I started thinking about this after a lot of people who I haven’t interacted with started circling (add you to a circle in Google Plus) me. The fact that these strangers could define a relationship they have with me, or tag me or sort me into a group kind of freaked me out.

In the past I didn’t really care about what others thought of me, I didn’t comb my hair save for once a day, didn’t care about what I wear as long as it was decent and I didn’t care about grammar or spellcheck on my blog (I try to do all that when I’m reporting). So why am I bothered about this now? I am worried because I’m selectively sharing posts with people? Because I know that people will judge me based on my sharing habits? Am I killing my personality? How much of my personal side do I show to a person without knowing what that person would be interested in reading?

With friends, I know what to share. I know the kind of humour they will enjoy, I know what pics of my life they are looking forward to. What about these random people? What do they want to know about me? Why isn’t there a way for me to find out why people circle me?

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