Before you add me to a circle…

I had earlier blogged about my teeny-weeny problem with Google+ — random people following me and leaving me clueless as to why they are following me.
Looks like there might be a solution to this problem after all. Much like in LinkdIn, users could post an update shared with only the person they’re circling, explaining  why they are adding the person. I got this idea after Rads circled me and followed it up with a simple message, in which she explained why she added me to a circle.
I wonder why Google never left an option for people to drop a one-liner explaining why they decided to follow a person?

6 responses to “Before you add me to a circle…”
  1. rads Avatar

    haha, thanks! But I honestly thought twud make a random stranger not so random or strange.. 🙂

    1. | Balu | Avatar

      Exactly! I don’t mind people I’ve never interacted with adding me as long as there are common friends. However, some people are just weird. There is no info visible about them on their profile, no links to twitter or blog and at times no profile photo even.

  2. xylene567 Avatar

    right. I am facing the problem too. And some of them add everyone that they show up in ppl in common. I get confused if the unknow person is in my frnds circle or the other way round. drop a feedback to google, if u havent already.

    1. | Balu | Avatar

      Ya same problem here. Will send feedback =)

  3. Vikas SN Avatar

    Correct me if I am wrong but I see it as a Twitter model, as in concentrate more on whom you are following, rather than who is following you?

    1. | Balu | Avatar

      I don’t want to think of it as Twitter, but yes I’m concentrating on following people, but it’s always good to know who is following you as there might be interesting people there too.

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