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In my opinion, what makes a good story great is its narration. Look at the epics like Mahabharatha or Ramayana, there is something special about the way the stories are built up and narrated that makes them so… epic.

When it comes to modern storytelling, technology has helped us tell stories better, while increasing its accessibility around the world. Take the podcast Serial for example. We waited and listened to each and every episode put out by the legendary Sarah Koenig and her team as she tried to piece together a crime based on the oral history of the people involved. Much has been written about the first season that set and broke records in the podcasting industry. The second season of the show started last week and she has me hooked. Again. Just like last year.

Think about that for a moment What a time to be a alive. We wait eagerly for a journalist sitting in the other side of the globe to talk about the story of an American soldier that was reportedly abducted by Taliban while deployed in Afghanistan. If not for a hundred thousand factors coming together I would have never been able to hear this story.

That makes me wonder about all the stories that I will never get to hear. The great narratives that were killed by time, dictators and misplaced priorities. Is there any way to bring them back? How can we ensure that the stories of our generation are never forgotten?


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