Something emotional

I promised to myself not to write anything too emotional for a few days, but then I felt like writing about music.

How can you NOT feel emotional about music when there are a lot of emotions that go into making one? Then there are emotions conveyed, some perceived by us listeners, but most importantly there are the feelings that are generated within us on listening to one. Overall, a song is an emotional bomb; or at least it can be.


I was going through a phase of depression a few months back and only then did I look at music for the meaning it conveyed and its tone. Till then it was all about the genre, artist, generation or some other categorization.

The results were fantastic and it now makes me wonder why songs are not classified on such a basis by more people. There are so many sub-genres and people get so stuck up on certain genres that they don’t even listen to anything outside it.


I was picky about the genre of movies I liked to watch as a kid. I did not know the word genre back then, but horror movies were a strict no no. Dramas just didn’t make much sense. Action movies were ohkay, but the best kind of movies back then involved some detective work. Oh boy I couldn’t get enough of them. I don’t remember much about any of those movies except how much I looked forward to one. Strange right?

Following music by genre is somewhat like that. You look forward to it and enjoy it as well, but in the long term may be you’re missing out on something.

Wow that analogy makes no sense that it is close to being nonsense. Actually that’s how I feel about most analogies. They are so flawed.  So frustrating!

So here are a few songs I heard today that you might like. Cheers!



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