Career choice

When I was in school I wanted to be in advertising; on the creative side to be specific. Somewhere along the line thought I shifted focus to journalism. While I was a journalist I followed up on the idea of starting a blog on gaming industry in India, may be even do it as a full time thing. It’s now dead, I killed it actually. None of these panned out the way I had hoped it to, but the struggle each of these options put me through have helped build by character. (Calvin’s dad was right!).

Now I’m a business analyst who helps people figure out how to implement Salesforce in their companies. It was a drastic shift on the surface, but it has been a very interesting one.

The short version is that with enough dedication you can learn anything. It takes time to gain expertise though. Having people around with expertise and are willing to share it with you will accelerate your acclimatization process.

I’ll write in-depth on the transition later on. I think it might help others that are looking to make such career changes. I don’t see journalists looking beyond careers inn immediate vicinity such as PR, corporate communication, social media marketing etc when they leave the industry. The truth is, skills of journalists can be applied in many industries as long as you’re willing to spend some time and learn how to tweak those skills.

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