Salesforce Summer 18 features to watch out for (Pre-release notes edition)

Salesforce is set to roll out a whole host of features over the next couple of months as part of the Summer 18 release. Some of the features are already visible in the pre-release orgs and here are a few that caught my attention.

Action list

Salesforce hints at a lot of features much before they are released. I did not expect this.

Action list lets you define a set of flows that need to be run against a record. There is a path on a record that defines the different stages of a record and there are workflows/process builders and flows that let you go from stage a>b. Action list lets you see all the steps of the process that are being undertaken. This could be used in scenarios such as customer onboarding, loan processing, process closure and even for call scripting.

This is helpful in scenarios where there are multiple actions that are running in parallel as part of a process.

You can add flows manually or automatically from a process builder. I like this very much.

Tasks list view

Tasks tab just displayed tasks as a checklist. This works at a very very very basic level. However tasks are used in a nuanced manner by a lot of Salesforce customers. Having tasks as a tab offers more flexibility that earlier.

Send list email from within campaigns!

If you have used Campaign object in Salesforce you must has wondered why it is not possible to send mass emails from a Campaign record itself. This logical misgiving has been resolved. Finally!

New search bar

Search bar now lets you search directly in the tabs accessible within an app instead of having to filter down to it after searching for a keyword. By default ‘Top results’ is selected.

Report enhancements

Lightning report builder is now enabled by default. You can still use the classic one if it suits you.

Lightning report builder now lets you group dates on the basis week, month, quarter, year etc

Export Print View has been added in lightning under a new name. When you try to export a report you will get these two options. Selecting Formatted Report will give you an Excel file that looks just like the report within Salesforce.

Prioritise rendering of components in community

I don’t remember seeing this earlier. You can now prioritize the components that need to be rendered first within a community. This will help address some of the performance issues that have been highlighted about Lightning Community templates.

Salesforce has also added a Guided setup within the community.

Libraries are in lightning

Libraries are useful to store files that might need to be shared internally and externally. It is also better to manage than just folders. It is now possible to create and edit libraries; add or remove files from libraries in

Overall this release looks interesting. My only hope is that new features don’t come with a lot of caveats.

PS: Have you seen these unofficial Lightning flow components?

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