Watching IPL again

This team will hopefully win me back the money I put in 😄

I’ve been watching IPL again since the last year. The interest was revived by Dream11 and not by any new found passion for any of the teams.

The thing about being someone who keeps changing cities is that you do not have any alligiences. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the situation.

For now I’m enjoying it with fake crowd noises. Stadium full of wide displays and green mamba pitches.

The bastmen look a bit out of touch and I hope they get back in groove by the end.

Also is it just me or do all the players look buff? Gymed up during quarantine or went crazy over home food?

PS: So what a crazy match it was! A run was taken away that should not have been. A choke that was very South Africa-esque. The lamest super over.

PPS: I made Rs.11 more than I put in. Not rich now, but it was definitely entertaining match.

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