I’m still not clear where I should be in the long-term. Yes, I’m aware of my privilege my job brings, which lets me thing like this.

Should I continue to live in India long term? If yes, in which city? Mumbai is too crowed, Delhi is too polluted, Bengaluru is running bone dry, Chennai is a furnace, Kolkata is a relic pretending to be a city, my home city Calicut is stuck in time.

What about travelling outside India? I need a country that speaks English as learning a new language will be a steep challenge (though not impossible), should be a democracy, should not be too racist to Indians, should not have a flippant visa policy or process with a PR path, fair job market, should have a good and affordable medical system and a reliable education system. OMG that effectively takes out most countries.

Pandemic makes things worse. Even if I figure it out, I know that I cannot travel. So for now, I’ll enjoy the place I have.

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