Death of things

I don’t want to be too attached to things, but…

I don’t want to be too attached to things, but the cost of replacing these dead items worry me. After all, who is not attached to money?

It started a few months back when my PC motherboard had an issue, no problem time for a PC upgrade!

Then there was a problem with the MCB and there’s been a flurry of failures.

Graphic card no longer works, laptop and phone chargers died, TV had issues, and my phone was charging very very slowly. Today the phone screen stopped working altogether.

This is a giant mess. Now I need to prioritise things I actually want replaced since everything is out of warranty.

Laptop charger was purchased immediately as work depended on it. Phone charger, well I use my old one now and that is okay. TV was replaced, but graphic card is still on hold, which means no gaming for now.

Then my phone business, it’s been just a year so I don’t want to spend on another phone. This is the one I’m most annoyed about. The world being what it is now I’m not even comfortable going to a service centre. Very annoyed.

PS: Have a home insurance cover and applied for a claim. Let’s see what all will be covered in it finally. Fingers crossed.

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