I join the watch staring zombie horde

Fossil hybrid smart watch

Imagine having a serious discussion with your colleague, who for some reason is obsessed with the never ending stream of notifications on their phone. I’ve been there and hated it. Due to this I had decided to not wear a smart watch and had instead opted for a hybrid watch from Fossil.

It looked great, but the little bit of smartness it promised was all dud. It was still cool and I wore it now and then as opposed to wearing it often as I had initially planned to do.

Anyway, two years passed by and Ag bought a smart watch. It looked sleek and did some amazing things. Most notably it could check heart rate and measure O2 levels among other things. Off late I’ve been hearing about a lot of people in mid-30s who have been passing away with silent heart attacks so this information really got me interested in smart watches again.

I did not want to be the person who gets non-stop notifications on their watch and I wanted it to just do the bare minimum work I wanted it to do. So I bought an Mi smartband as opposed to a smart watch.

I’ve been using it since last night and I’m pretty impressed with it. I’ve synced it to Google Fit so now I can track not just my workout from Seven app, but also sleep time, step counter and pulse from Mi band. Nice.

Over a period of time I intend to use this information to make some changes in the way I lead my life. I feel it’s better than just paying insurance and hoping for the best.

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