Raji impressions: I like it

Raji game

I’m not gaming on PC much since my graphic card is kaput and the new generation cards that I’m interested in is still not available in India.

Thankfully I have a Nintendo Switch console, which I game on for an hour or so daily. I recently started playing Raji: An ancient epic and I’m really impressed.

Raji is an action-adventure game with platforming and puzzle elements that is currently available on Nintendo Switch and soon to be released on Steam (PC) as well.

The theme as the name suggests involves a bit of Indian mythology and it takes you through the journey of Raji, an Indian girl trying to rescue her brother from a rakshasa. She is blessed by Kali with powers and later on by other gods as well as she makes her stand against different evil beings. I really like this choice as the developers were able to avoid an controversy around controlling a god (remember Hanuman Boy Warrior?).

I’m not a big fan of games with fixed camera angles, but I can understand why the developers opted for it. If I had to make a comparison it would be to the older God of War titles with a bit of Prince of Persia thrown in. From a gameplay perspective the fixed camera angles make it difficult to understand what’s happening on the screen especially when enemies surround you, but I guess it is on me to avoid getting flanked. While the tutorials are spread out and you’re eased into it, some of the tutorial instructions are unclear and an option to disable them would have been nice. Yes, I’m nitpicking.

Overall, the little bit I’ve played, it’s not the best game I’ve played; far from it, but it’s a good game and that is fine. Good games by Indian developers for major gaming consoles or PC have always been a rarity. Hopefully, the success of this game will inspire others.

While gaming I realised that the way I approach gaming has changed a lot over the last 10 years. Once upon a time I used to review games and the way I gamed was indicative of that. I would try to rush through the game either alone or with a friend, because the review had to be written.

Now I can no longer do that even if I want to. 30 minutes in my eye strains and one hour in, my fingers strain. Also the number of games that I had on-hand to play has gone up manyfold so there is always the urge to get back to another game that you were in the middle of. Overall, I’m a bit distracted. These are not issues I think will be resolved or can be resolved even.

The only thing that matters is that I should be able to enjoy the games and Raji is really enjoyable.

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