Top of mind Oct 11


Finally completed the latest season of Boys and what a show! This is the kind of show we needed to deal with the saturation of Marvel movies and dud-ness of DC universe.

Bad boy billionaires: India

Want to raise your blood pressure and want a tl;dr version of the biggest scams in India of the last decade? Watch this show on Netflix.

Mi band 4

I’ve been using Mi band for a week plus now and it does the job to an extent. I’ve a broad understanding of what makes my pulse rise and to what extent. That said, I’m not happy with the accuracy of sleep tracking and step counter.

Inspiring people

One of the key leaders in the company I work for is leaving soon and that made me think about how few inspirational leaders I’ve come across in all the years of working. There have been a few, but most understand money or their trade, and people very less. To be people oriented without the company turning into a personality cult is a skill that very few have mastered.

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