What I read Oct 13

My reading habits have changed a lot since college. It’s been mostly blogs, news and long-reads with an occasional book thrown in. So here are some interesting things that I have read in the last two days.

Reserve bank has released a handbook with some detailed statistics related to states in India. The PDF can be downloaded for free.

Since I’m seriously pursuing the Salesforce Architect path, I’ve been reading some good articles on this topic.

Airbnb’s revival story is very interesting. A lot of companies that survive 2020-21 will speak of this period like those that got through the dot-com bubble. The comments are a must-read for different reasons.

Sometimes the shortest of articles, make you think the longest. Read this if and only if you are willing to introspect.

Yet another Salesforce link, but this one is very very interesting for any one that uses it or helps companies implement it.

I can’t wait for a working Covid vaccine, but once such a thing exists there are some major challenges apart from logistics. One aspect that is not discussed enough is which one we’ll get to pick or if we’ll have an option at all. In a country like India where the procurement will be done by government, there is a real risk of a less effective vaccine being provided, albeit for free.

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