Words I hate

There are some words we use that I really do not like

There are some words we use or hear so often that I really do not like. These words change out every few years, for example, “revert” does not make the cut anymore.


It literally means things you put in something. It’s that vague. Do you want to toil away writing from your heart for it to just be something you put somewhere? Do you not want your written words to have any value? Insist that it be called with a proper name — article, analysis, thought piece, news, note, memo, release, story, you get the idea?


Unless you’re talking economics, there is no justification in calling a human being a resource. Resource means something you just use when needed, but is that how you want to treat a fellow human being? Do you refer to your spouse as a resource?

No right? (Wait, did you say yes?) Then why would you call another person a resource?


Okay, it’s not the word itself that I hate, but the implication that I have a problem with. Nothing scales infinitely. Everything is finite.

When people say something is scalable, it means that it is easy to scale things up, but of course there is a limit you will run into of some kind. If they haven’t told you the limit yet, you will learn it eventually. Sometimes I really want to ask these people if their bank balances are also scalable without any limits. After all they need to foot the bill.


Ya, I know. It’s right there in the title of this post, but I truly hate this word. It’s too strong a word in my opinion and I think often it is used for things that do not deserve it. Take this post as an example, I dislike the implication or usage of the words above. Do I feel an intense dislike for it? Not really.

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