Starting with Data Architecture & Management Designer certification

Finally I’ve registered for the Salesforce Certified Data Architecture & Management Designer exam and the plan is to give it by the middle of next month.

It mainly covers areas I have gained a decent experience in over the last six years such as data modelling, design, managing large data volumes, data governance and its migration to name a few. Unlike the consultant exams where the topics covered processes and practices that varied so much company-to-company, the approach here is a bit narrower, but the knowledge required is deeper. There are definite ways to do things and there is very slim chance you’ll end up deviating from the best practices mentioned.

As always, I’m starting with trailmix defined for this while also going through a course on Focus on Force. The objective is to revise all the practical learnings and be sure that I have understood them in the correct context.

I wanted to complete one more of these architect certifications this year, but I don’t think there will be enough time for me to apply a voucher and complete it in a month. This also means that my target of becoming a certified Application Architect will drag on to 2021. So be it.

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