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Career paths have always confused me. I wanted to be in advertising when I was in school, stumbled into journalism and eventually wandered into IT industry. It took time and patience, but I’m good at what I do now.

I started off as a consultant and slowly picked my way through the key certifications that are required in the Salesforce space. Off late though, my work has been increasingly on the solutioning side of things. This is something I really enjoy and I’ve been doing it in a way since I started working in the industry in a way.

In Salesforce domain though, to be recognised as a solution architect (Application Architect in Salesforce terms) you need to have the developer certification, which is fair and understandable. I haven’t coded anything in Salesforce as yet, though I can read a bit of code and make sense of things. Sometimes. But that is not enough.

Salesforce architect path pyramid

For now, I’m preparing for Platform App Builder, which has a lot of overlap with certifications I have done in the past and leans heavy on configuration side of things. I should be able to clear this in two weeks or so.

The rest I’ll take one step at a time. I’ll complete the non-dev certifications that touch up on topics I already understand and then take up the developer certification in six months, when I better understand the concepts behind it. I will not be that person who mugs up some question dumps to clear this test.

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