Confused strategy


Amazon has such a confused branding strategy. I was a big fan of their Prime Now service which has gradually been discontinued in favor of doing it all within Amazon app.

Now within the app there is Amazon itself, then there is Amazon Pantry and Amazon Fresh. Some items are available in pantry and fresh. Both have their own individual minimum checkout limits and delivery slot availabilities. There is no explanation or definition given for these sections on the site or the app.

Take an example of an order I placed last evening that delivered earlier today. The order was placed on Amazon in the Amazon fresh section. When the package was delivered the notification was about the order placed on The review request was about order placed on Prime Now, which as I mentioned in the beginning no longer exists.

What I took away from this is that Prime Now has been downgraded in quality and rebranded into Amazon Fresh. Okay then.

So what is Amazon pantry? Just a way to offer a better discount based on higher volume of orders. I don’t understand why this has to be displayed separately. As a consumer this adds zero value.

Why drag your customers into your backend logistical nightmare? No one asked for that.

Image credit: Arushi Kathuria

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