Modern blessings

While good health and eternal life are evergreen blessings, the modern world demands something more relevant.

If you’re a soul looking to bless the occasion with a few contemporary blessings, feel free to pick from below.


  1. May your electronics never die on you
  2. Let your gadgets always be the best gadgets
  3. I wish your gadgets long life and great strength
  4. I wish you full signal and great mobile internet speed
  5. I wish you free high speed wifi when in need


  1. I wish you hard working subordinates and chilled out bosses
  2. I wish you targets and KRAs that are easily achievable
  3. Let you find immense wealth with minimal income tax complications
  4. Let your startup get great valuation with high and consistent Y2Y growth


  1. I bless you with the best deals and amazing cashback offers.
  2. May your credit card offer you great rewards
  3. May you always be able to get an item that you’re trying to buy that generally sells out in a minute

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