Top of mind Dec 1

2020 continues to 2020

Business is not doing great, but stocks are going up, up and up. Government job creation is reducing, but faith in government has not. Are we overly optimistic or are we horses wearing blinders or is it just that we are in 2020 where nothing makes sense?

Some electrifying news

Companies are setting up operations to manufacture Lithium Ion batteries in India, but there is still not enough push for electric cars from a tax perspective. Govt is pushing for setting up electric charging stations but the numbers are very less in my opinion, which might explain the low penetration predicted for electric vehicles in India. Meanwhile, have you heard of green Lithium? It reminds of green coal.

You’re not the boss of me

The franchise model is not doing great, or rather the franchises are not happy these days. Business is less and corporates are pushing for more discounting and more equipment purchase that is not going too well with the franchises. I’m assuming the situation is similar with vehicle dealerships as well.

Anything for views?

Social networks were slow to act on fake news and political extremism because they brought in views and more engagement. Now content related to drugs, trafficking and cartels are picking up on TikTok and the world is watching.

Farmer protest continues

Farmers are not happy with the new farmer bill that removes MSP and mandis. The why part is very interesting because of the consequences involved. Also apparently all protestors are now anti-national.

Secret behind M1 chip

Apple’s new ARM-based processor for their laptops is incredibly fast compared to offerings from Intel. Higher-end AMD is competitive, but there aren’t enough laptops available to compare. So what makes it so fast? The answer is specialised hardware the SOC among others.

Vitamin D factor in Covid

Apparently Vitamin D deficiency is one of majority of deaths related to Covid-19. Thankfully the strain of the virus in India has not mutated since June, which means vaccines will be effective.

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