Stop pre-ordering

It’s strange watching rational people make irrational decisions swayed by the moment.

There is no other way to sum up the noise around Cyberpunk 2077. It’s easy to drum up a lot of interest in this day and age, but people still expect miracles from companies whose sole existence is to make profit.

Pre-orders made sense at a time when physical orders were the norm. Now that most of us are resorting to game downloads it makes very little sense. More so when games depreciate in value unlike a stock you purchase at IPO that stands a chance of increasing in value over time.

So my humble request is to blindly trust companies because they made good games in the past. Make decisions based on actual reviews or trial versions. Learn to distinguish between adjective riddled marketing speak and the facts around a game.

So stop pre-ordering games, unless you have money to spare and you are willing to play through a few bugs.

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