You don’t need it

Spending money on good things is not the same as having a good taste. I see a lot of people making this mistake, especially so in electronics.

To quote Ag I’m very picky when it comes to electronics, because my needs are very specific. Due to this the “best” option as suggested by reviewers is not what I want. Similarly for Ag, the “best” product as rated by tech YouTubers is not what she wants either. I like the fact that both of us are very clear with our needs and make purchase decisions accordingly and not just gun for this mythical best product.

This got me thinking about coffee. There is an over abundance of specialist coffee roasters delivering high quality coffee in whatever roast or grind you want. Or I could go for good ol’ instant coffee from a handful of brands. I have ben purchasing regularly from Blue Tokai since last year and I really like their coffee, but off late I see myself just using the instant option more often than not. This is because my need is to stay awake and coffee helps me with it. Great taste is a good to have and I would rather have some time for something else than spend it on good coffee.

I feel the same way about clothing as well. I buy plain formal shirts of high thread count and they last a long while in good condition. Do I look fashionable? Definitely not. Do I look clean and smart? Probably yes. Do they last long enough so that I don’t need to think about if often? Hell yes!

The same trend again extends to a lot of things in my life and I feel that we can save more money and time by going for good enough as opposed to great options. I feel that luxury is truly wasted when there is not enough time to enjoy it. Something I have little to spare.

So I keep telling myself that I don’t need it. I can make do with this. There is better use for my time and money.

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